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Purity & Flow Rates

The purity and flow rates are controlled in several ways by the nitrogen technical operative (T0). The main control system is a PLC digital logic control panel, where the operational set-points are input. The PLC also receives data input from the sensors in the system. It uses this data to make adjustments to such equipment as heater controls, and differential pressure settings. The TO can also make manual adjustments controlling the number of membrane modules open or closed differential pressure controls, air and nitrogen flow rates, along with compressor output pressures.

The system has a fully automatic and integrated fail safe system built into the controls. The purity levels specified by the client are input to the PLC control system. The nitrogen gas is constantly analysed as it leaves the membranes. Any 'off spec' gas is automatically vented to atmosphere, ensuring that the client only receives the gas purity required through the product line.

Pressure, Temperature & Dew Point

The typical outlet pressure of the N is 2OOpsi for the NPU 1500, or 340psi for the NPU 2000 HP.

The temperature of N leaving the NPU is approximately 35C and never greater than 48C.

The typical dew point at atmosphere of the membrane N is -70C. This is a very dry gas and is suitable for purge work where drying is required.