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Fire Suppression & Extinguishing

On site generated membrane nitrogen gas has proven itself as a valuable contributor of inert gas to mine fire suppression and extinguishing. The ability to operate at the high flow rate of nitrogen gas mode, enables fire suppression engineers to rapidly saturate an existing fire, or fire risk area, with the inert gas.

Using on site generated membrane nitrogen gas has advantages over traditional fire fighting and suppression techniques, which would be inappropriate in underground situations. For example, water could quickly become saturated steam, carrying its own dangers, along with the ‘wash out’ problems of the free surface residual water. Also, clean up operations are less involved with the use of inert gas, as opposed to water contamination to area and equipment.

Enhanced Methane Recovery

Experience in the USA has given good results from the injection of membrane nitrogen gas injected into decommissioned coal mining operations. The nitrogen gas readily exchanges with residual methane gas still encapsulated within the coal bed seams. The result being increased methane gas recovery on an industrial scale.