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Gal-Tech Services are the worlds most experienced provider of On Site Generated Membrane Nitrogen Gas to LNG/LPG Facility & Terminal purge and commissioning requirements.

Gal-Tech Services have totally controlled the injection of membrane nitrogen gas into these tanks and facilities, to target dew points of -20ºC, with oxygen limits of 4% maximum.

Tank sizes in excess of 130,000m3 have been purged and dried to specification, ahead of schedule, and under the client's budget.


Diesel driven air compression units provide a supply of compressed air to the Nitrogen Production Unit (NPU). The air is passed through the NPU’s air treatment system, prior to being fed into the special polymer fibre packed membrane modules.

At this stage, oxygen and water are separated from the air, along with other trace gases. The remaining nitrogen gas is analyzed by the NPU. Any ‘off spec’ gas is automatically vented to atmosphere.

Annular space is dried and purged to specification by process of dilution. Followed by main tank and dome space, again utilizing a dilution purge process.

Where operational and constructional activities permit, a cross over of first tank purged gases, can be used to commence second tank purging. This process can decrease the project completion period, with obvious cost savings.