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A 'unique' Solution

" Gal-Tech Services offers a unique solution; allowing all your inert gas requirements to be manufactured on site, at your location, from inexpensive compressed air."

Pure & Cost Effective

Gal-Tech Services has the capacity to supply on-site (often in remote locations) membrane generated nitrogen with a 92% - 99% purity range with moisture contents of -70C. This membrane generated nitrogen has proven to be a very cost effective wav of commissioning or decommissioning pipelines, large LNG tanks and is invaluable to remote oil and gas well operations where large volumes of nitrogen are required. In some remote locations, the traditional liquid nitrogen supply may not be a desirable
option. In these situations Gal- Tech Services is ready to fill your exact requirements.

The availability of high flow, low moisture, nitrogen with a dilatable purity is a must when designing your plant turnaround, tank commissioning, or any project requiring nitrogen. Until recently, the only source of  inert gas has been liquid nitrogen delivered to the site by large tankers from the nearest available nitrogen plant.

By allowing Gal-Tech Services to manage your inert gas requirements, this new technology provides the ability to reduce costs, duration and expensive overruns. A revolutionary step forward, on-site nitrogen generation can typically provide a 50% cost reduction, when compared to liquid nitrogen. These systems are perfect for replacing liquid nitrogen in operations including catalytic' regenerations, tank purging, and plant inerting and testing.