On-Site Membrane Generated Nitrogen Systems

About Us

Gal-Tech Services have a successful history of membrane nitrogen operations around the world. We have supplied on-site generated nitrogen gas to the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of the Far East, to the extremes of the North Sea.

Our operational experience of nitrogen services to the Well Drilling, Pipelines, LNG Facilities and the Mining Industry, make us a world leader in this field.

What ever your on-site generated nitrogen gas needs are, then speak to us. We can provide nitrogen gas, low or high volume, and high or low pressure. This can be from our leased, rugged, all weather, highly portable on site production units, or your own purchased, purpose built, units, matched and installed to meet your specific long term needs.

Mission Statement

"... to practice an approach of innovation, flexibility, and responsiveness to customer requirements, we resolve to lead the industry utilizing portable on-site nitrogen generation technologies supporting the pipeline, underbalanced drilling (UBD) and industrial services sector, with recognition for integrity and commitment to exceeding customer expectations."

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